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EMP Genetech
Recombinant Proteins from Human Cells

Improving your Research Activities

EMP Genetech provides non-GMP services in recombinant protein production and the development of stable high
producer cell lines. Protein purification to customer given purity is also conducted, as well as cell banking.
We work with industrial and academical clients.

Since 2000 the company has developed several dozen recombinant biomolecules.

EMP Genetech aims to support companies in the biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries to reach their
set project goals with optimal results. Our recombinants have been successfully applied in R & D of therapeutics
and diagnostics for years.
Recombinants are preferably produced from the human cell line HEK293. HEK293 expressed proteins have superior
product quality and activity due to post-translational glycosilation and processing.
Using parameter controlled bioreactors for production, gram quantities of recombinants can be produced within a
distinct timeframe, allowing you start your research projects at the earliest time.

In projects handling, EMP Genetech emphasises a fast and reliable exchange of project data. EMP Genetech also
aspires for a flexible and open minded communication style with partners, in order to complete projects within
reasonable periods.

EMP Genetech´s Services

  • Gene Cloning
  • Development of Stable High Producer Cell Lines
  • Recombinant Protein Production
  • Process Development
  • Protein Purification
  • Experience since 2000

EMP Genetech
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Contact: EMP Genetech · Dr. Franz X. Welser · Straussenlettenstrasse 7b · 85053 Ingolstadt/Germany · Tel. +49 841 3796013

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